' Patriotism  is  the  last  refuge  of  a  scoundrel '  
... Dr Samuel Johnson, back in 1775, on self-serving pseudo-patriotic posturing

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Wiltshire Council put out this tosh at the time it destroyed Wiltshire heritage.
It told its Wilts public nothing about the fate of the Westbury Oak buildings.

Some of our national identity was wilfully erased.   It required little effort or genuine will for Wiltshire Council to have conserved the historic Oak buildings. Wiltshire Council employs a conservation officer.  Wiltshire Council has a policy for the conservation and re-use of our historic buildings.   There is a surplus of pompous 18th century stately homes - as often funded by the misery of slaves in the West Indies - which are usually in similar pseudo-Italianate style.   The Oak buildings were rare 15th century all-English work, housed local Wiltshire working people and were a composite group of inn, brewhouse and maltings.

     John Bowley
     West Wilts

Wiltshire Council
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       Medieval Oak Inn buildings in Westbury, Wilts - not conserved

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